12-03-2012 08:11:27

Shoutcast AAC+ Player (Without RTMP) (ÜCRETLİ)

It's required a Flash Player able to play the Shoutcast streaming in mp3, aac or aacplus without any rtmp servers transcoding (like Wowza, FMS or red5) and to have features as this:

- chance to add custom logo
- change colors on player
- current song
- last songs played
- sound vulmeters in real time
- display album picture (grabbed from amazon, google, last.fm etc.)
- grabs all info from shoutcast xml data
- chance to add banners (like google ads)
- amazon partner program (click to buy this album)
- station URL
- have default support for facebook, twitter and contact email?
- button Popup button "Embed code"
- button "Share on Facebook", Twitter....
- button Volume / play / pause buttons

The flash player have to work with php script, as address of streaming servers are dynamic (so to do not be encoded inside on player).

Required variable on player from php are:

- colors scheme
- server address
- auto start (false or true)
- volume (from 1% to 100%)
- station url
- station contact email
- station facebook address
- station twitter address

... also to use some PHP script to be easy to get variables from php as we have more stations and i want to use dynamic (example: or something similar).

As player example (design, concept and functionality) is this one:

Resources required do this flash player can be inspired from this address:


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